Project Hexanet is a voluntary (non-profit) network of engineers that operates beyond bureaucracy, countries and nations. We work to promote development of user-centered technologies, mostly concerning communication and information sharing.

We provide various services to our members, some services are also available to general public.

Join us & Support

Contact one of our admins:



Point your player to radio.hexanet.dev to get some decent IDM & Ambient


We have a secure Git instance hosted at git.hexanet.dev

Registration is open but email verification is required.


Email service is available for the hexanet.dev domain. Contact admins if you want an account.

  • puppo.space - Mastodon instance hosted by Rix
  • kydara.com maintains a number of services,
  • maddy - Composable all-in-one mail server
  • wirebox - [EXPERIMENTAL] Dynamic WireGuard tunnel configuration